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New York VC Isn't Going To Sugarcoat This Uber Situation Like Those Candy-Ass Bay Area VCs

Hey, watch where you're going! Fred Wilson is INVESTING OVER HERE!

Fred Wilson is the founder of Union Square Ventures and the unofficial dean of the NYC venture capital scene.

Fred has invested in quite a few hits, notably Twitter, Tumblr, Etsy, Zynga and Foursquare. He also maintains a blog (economically titled "A VC") on which he engages in straight talk about the tech VC game and muses on how NYC is the best.

Long story short, Fred is not one of these Tesla-driving, Soylent-drinking, college-hating, Burning Man-attending Silicon Valley types. He is a New Yorker who takes the subway, eats street meat, graduated from the School of Hard Knocks and does not have time for your desert Utopia bullsh!t.

Want proof?

Oh, Fred got your proof right here.

Remember how everyone is beating around the bush about Uber choosing to bleed the private equity market dry before going public? Well, Fred is pretty much done with this mime flashmob of acting okay that Uber has no plan to IPO despite taking in upwards of $8 billion from investors so far.

Fred got up at a tech conference in LA to chat with our pal Dan Primack from Fortune and, according to BI, said this about Uber CEO Travis Kalanick:

"He’s wimping out. That should be a publicly traded company," Wilson said. 

Calling Travis a "wimp?" Somewhere on Sand Hill Road, Marc Andreessen is clutching his pearls.

Oh, but Fred was just getting warned up...

"When you take money from me, am I getting money from you?" Wilson said. "You have a responsibility to give me my money back sometime. You can’t just say f--- you. Take the godd--n company public."

Someone grab the smelling salts! Peter Thiel is feeling the vapors!

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