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Georgian Oligarch Wants To Know Where His God Damn Money Is, Credit Suisse

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What's Georgian for "run and hide"?

Bidzina Ivanishvili, who amassed his fortune in post-Soviet Russia, realized something was amiss last year during an “avalanche” of margin calls, or requests that clients inject cash into their accounts to cover losses, according to his attorney, Marc Henzelin. Mr. Ivanishvili filed a pair of criminal complaints with Geneva’s public prosecutor in December and January, alleging fraud and mismanagement. The former Credit Suisse relationship manager at the center of the legal flap, Patrice Lescaudron, is now in police custody in Geneva, according to his attorney, Simon Ntah. The bank filed a criminal complaint against him in December, accusing him of misconduct. Mr. Lescaudron hasn’t been charged. Mr. Ntah said that Mr. Lescaudron had sought to cover losses suffered by a number of his clients by tapping Mr. Ivanishvili’s funds. However, much of what happened with his management of the portfolios remains unclear. “It will take years before we understand everything,” Mr. Ntah said.

Angry Oligarch Claims Credit Suisse Took His Money [WSJ]


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While Brady Dougan is keeping his job, the same cannot be said for 1/3 of European investment bankers. Credit Suisse is to cut senior staff in its European investment banking department by up to a third, three sources familiar with the matter said, as tighter regulation and weak markets hit the sector. "In the European investment banking business, they are going to get rid of 60 directors and managing directors," one source said on Monday. The investment banking department affected advises on mergers and acquisitions, stock market listings, financing and debt issues, as opposed to other areas of the broader investment bank that focus on securities trading. "It is about a third of the directors and 10-15 percent of the MDs," the first source said, referring to what are typically two most senior job ranks in the banking world. The layoffs would happen in July, this person said. The formal redundancy process can last several months. A second source said the cuts could end up affecting 20-30 percent of senior investment banking staff in Europe. Credit Suisse To Make Heavy Job Cuts In Europe [Reuters]

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