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Get Some Gold Before Jose Canseco Buys It All

Goldman Sachs is saying sell gold but what the hell do they know? Jose Canseco is ALL IN.
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Can't believe he had to settle for silver during his playing days.

Stop right there! We have an urgent investment message from the hottest new analyst out there.

We trust you’re already adjusting your portfolios and positioning accordingly. After all, only the most important pronouncements make it on to @JoseCanseco, such as last week’s broadside against the Bank of Japan and these pearls:

Jose Canseco Predicts 20% Pop for Gold [WSJ MoneyBeat blog]



Jose Canseco Sets Uncharacteristically Modest Goals For Fed Chairmanship

Fed Chair Jose Canseco does seem like the next logical step here.

Photo: Getty Images

Jose Canseco Is Anti-Brexit

A-Rod has yet to weigh in. Lenny Dykstra is presumably working on a research note as we speak.


If Jose Canseco Can’t Be Fed Chair, UN Ambassador, He Guesses He’ll Settle For White House Chief Of Staff

But only if the job includes overseeing the president’s diet, exercise routine.

Paul Singer Building Doomsday Shelter Out Of Gold Bricks

Because if you won't, Paul will buy ALL the gold.