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Gold Is Super Cool Again You Guys

This trade is gettin' crowded.
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You know you want it.

Now that noted jinx John Paulson has finally all but gotten out of gold, it’s time for you to follow Donald Trump, Jose Canseco, Williamsburg’s Manila Social Club and everyone else in.

In February, the average daily trading volume of call options on the SPDR Gold Trust hit its highest level since the throes of the eurozone debt crisis in 2011, when gold prices were trading near a record, according to options-data provider Trade Alert….

Both institutional money managers and individual traders are piling into the bullish options—a breadth of investors that is rare among ETFs, says Dave Mazza, head of ETF research for State Street Global Advisors, the issuer of the product.

A Big Bet on Gold Is Getting Crowded [WSJ]


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