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Goldman Sachs Reconsidering Its Employment Of President Trump's Favorite Patent Troll

But is Luke Thorburn into Trump for the rampant Islamophobia, or the totally awesome hats?

Being a Donald Trump supporter on Wall Street these days is like being a Maroon 5 fan in Williamsburg: We know they exist, but ain't no one admitting raising their hand and saying "It's me!"

So imagine the surprise in Goldman Sachs HR when the NY Times uncovered this little tidbit in a feature on the presumptive President-Elect's ties to the NYC money scene:

Records show just one Goldman employee, a financial adviser in the wealth management division, has donated to Mr. Trump — $534.58, to be precise.
That employee’s name is Luke Thorburn. Public records show Mr. Thorburn trademarked the phrase “Make Christianity Great Again” and is selling hats that mirror Mr. Trump’s “Make America Great Again” caps.

Well, at least Thorburn managed to drag religion into it.

So what are Lloyd and Gary supposed to do with this guy now? Couldn't he have just donated to Hillary, or at the very least to colleague Heidi Cruz's husband Whatshisname? Doesn't this guy know about donating to ALL the candidates, a/k/a "The Goldman Give?"

Regardless, it seems like Goldman HR did some further due diligence on Luke Thorburn and reached a decision:

Goldman employees are allowed to pursue outside business opportunities, but they first must get clearance from the company. Mr. Thorburn, a financial adviser in the bank’s wealth management division, had not received approval before pursuing the hat endeavor.
Goldman, according to people briefed on the situation but not authorized to speak on the record, put Mr. Thorburn on unpaid administrative leave last week after he was interviewed by company officials about details that appeared in The Times’s article.
These people say that Mr. Thorburn sought to distance himself from the website. Ultimately, the bank became concerned about apparent inconsistencies in Mr. Thorburn’s story, and placed him on leave, they said.

But it also appears that Thorburn's "Go Trump" donation might be more like a "I want to buy a bunch of dope-ass Trump hats" payment.

Hope Hicks, a spokeswoman for Mr. Trump, declined to comment.
Ms. Hicks, in an email sent last week, said that Mr. Trump, a Republican, did not know Mr. Thorburn. She also speculated on the reason behind Mr. Thorburn’s donation.
“It is more than likely the $534 dollars was the result of him purchasing campaign merchandise, which is characterized as a campaign contribution by the F.E.C.,” she wrote. 

So we've reached a point where Goldman Sachs is suspending an employee due to confusion over whether his relationship with Donald Trump is one of politics or commerce. Never change, 2016. Never change.

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