Government Would Prefer Its Food Stamps Not Finance Polygamist Church

Sorry guys.

It is a nice truck.

The United States government does not intend to arrest all 6,000 to 10,000 members of a breakaway Mormon sect that preaches and practices polygamy, even though the latter is what is commonly called a “crime.” Indeed, as long as you’re not sexually abusing and forcibly marrying children, you’re more or less free to go about your business. But you cannot expect said U.S. government to turn a blind eye to using your parishioner’s welfare benefits to buy pickup trucks.

Prosecutors allege church leaders directed adherents starting around 2011 to funnel food bought with SNAP funds into an FLDS Storehouse to feed the broader church community.

In some cases, church leaders withdrew cash from food-stamp cards they took from congregants and used the money for bill-paying. Winford Barlow, among those indicted, spent $30,236 for a 2012 Ford F-350 pickup truck, according to prosecutors, and Kimball Barlow signed a check for $16,978 in paper products.

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