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Are You A Goldman Employee Who Attended One Of Hillary's Speeches? Tell Us What She Said!

You know you want to tell us....

Suddenly everyone and their mother cares about the long-known and rather widely-reported fact that Hillary took in $675,000 for giving three speeches at Goldman Sachs. And because everybody now wants to act like they care about this fact, Hillary has been asked to release transcripts of those speeches.

But she, like, doesn't want to.

Here's what she at last night's New Hampshire debate when asked if she would release the transcripts of what we are calling her "Goldman Sessions."

“I will look into it. I don’t know the status, but I will certainly look into it. But I can only repeat what is the fact. That I spoke to a lot of different groups with a lot different constituents, a lot of different kinds of members, about issues that had to do with world affairs." 

Blah blah blah blah blah... We get it. She's not interested unless she ends up being forced to do it.

Factoring in that she has spent more than three decades in public life and has been the focus of intense media scrutiny for much of her life while playing a senior role in numerous national campaigns, it stands to reason that Hillary went so wildly off-message in a speech before wealthy bankers that she'd want these transcripts buried forever.

It just makes sense that she'd take huge speaking fees and incriminate herself in front a of a live mic and a transcription service. This is Hillary we're talking about.

So we need to know what she said, and now!

So why wait?

We know a lot of you dear readers are also daytime tenants of 200 West Street and various other Goldman outposts, and by statistical reasoning at least one of you was at one of these speeches.

So, take to your personal email (where Gary Cohn can't see you), and tell us what went down when Hillary came to chat...

Send your info and some proof of "That Goldman Life" to



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