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Jamie Dimon’s Little Self-Aggrandizement Does Not Impress Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank's CEO will NOT be buying a whole bunch of his company's shares in some misguided attempt to boost confidence, unlike SOME people.
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Whatever, loser. Try doing something hard once in your life.

You may have heard that Deutsche Bank has been going through some tough times. And it has. What you may not know is that John Cyran’s crankiness has started to seep down the corporate ladder. For instance, to its bank analysts, who decided to go into the long weekend by indulging a little sniffing in the direction of Jamie Dimon’s much-ballyhooed vote of confidence in himself. I mean, why would you ever want to be in league with such a simpering cretin?

Bosses with huge stakes in their companies often boast they are super-aligned with shareholders. But most investors have diversified portfolios whereas perhaps a third of Mr Dimon’s wealth is JPMorgan stock. That potentially makes him way more risk averse than minority shareholders would want him to be. Thursday’s purchase only widens this misalignment of interests.

Oh, yea, and sure, he just spent literally all of the money he made last year, but, like, considered in context, who cares?

Deutsche Bank’s analysts also noted that J.P. Morgan Chief Executive Mr. Dimon’s purchase of his own banks shares is roughly equivalent to an average 59-year old spending about $4,000 of his or her own net worth in his employer.

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