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Ken Griffin Making Trips To New York As Painless As Possible

The hedge fund manager can't be expected to do business here without 200,000 square feet tailored to his specifications.
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That's more like it!

It’s official: When the Citadel chief is forced to spend some quality time in the Big Apple, he won’t have to slum it at the Waldorf. Nope: For KG, it’s all new-penthouse smell when he’s in New York.

The firm completed a deal to take a little more than 200,000 square feet at 425 Park Ave., a new office tower between East 55th and 56th streets being developed by L&L Holding Co. Citadel had been negotiating with L&L on the lease since last year. It wasn't immediately clear how many floors Citadel will acquire at the 47-story building, but the firm has agreed to pay $300 per square foot for the penthouse level—the highest rent ever paid for office space in the city and likely one of the highest in the world….

Even the chauffeurs who shuttle executives to and from the property will be treated like royalty: They will have access to a private parking garage and their own lounge. The building will also have a 14,000-square-foot restaurant by Daniel Humm and Will Guidara, the pair behind the triple-Michelin-star eatery Eleven Madison Park.

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