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Ken 'Single And Ready To Mingle' Griffin Got To Keep 2015's $1.7 Billion Take-home All To Himself

High-five for timely divorces!
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The Citadel Investment Group chief filed for divorce in the summer of 2014, just in time to ensure that he got to keep every single penny of last year’s $1.7 billion payday. It’s the first time KG has ever topped Forbes’ list of the highest-earning hedge-fund manager, and as we’ve seen he’s been enjoying it: buying $300 million worth of places he might want to sleep one day, $500 million on some things to hang in them, the most expensive office space in all of New York City and the perennial primary also-ran to President-elect-elect Trump, all with plenty to spare.

The rich hedge fund industry has a new king. Ken Griffin tops Forbes’ list of the highest-earning hedge fund managers and traders, personally making $1.7 billion in 2015. At 47, Griffin for the first time in his 26-year career earned more than each of the older titans of the hedge fund world, like George Soros, Ray Dalio, Steve Cohen and David Tepper.

Don’t cry for Cohen or Tepper, who each took home well in excess of $1 billion last year. Maybe cry a little for Soros and Dalio, who were pushed to the bottom of the top 10 by a couple of nobodies and couldn’t even scrounge up $1 billion between them.

John Overdeck and David Siegel both worked for Shaw earlier in their careers. But they have built Two Sigma Investments into their own quantitative trading powerhouse with $32 billion of assets under management….

Overdeck and Siegel each earned an estimated $600 million in 2015.

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