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Leon Cooperman Spends $1,000 To Tell Hillary Clinton That She's Wrong About Rich People Being Profligate Whiners

He's like the Danny Ocean of old billionaires who don't perceive irony.

Leon Cooperman has written letters to the President and warned Democrats to stop "crapping," but the hedge fund manager-cum-cranky defender of the wealthy is just not being heard.

So what does a cagey guy like Leon do when he's finally had it with lefty politicos bashing rich people for using their money to exert undue influence on the political conversation in this country?

The hedge-fund billionaire Leon Cooperman, no fan of Hillary Clinton's, forked over $1,000 to her campaign last month for a chance to accuse the Democratic presidential front-runner in person of stoking hatred of the rich.

Here's a check Hillary...aaaand YA BURNT!

Genius! Making a trojan horse donation to get in Hillary's face and tell her once and for all that rich people don't do scummy stuff... Touché, Coop. Touché.

And how did Leon come about such an irony-proof caper?

We're so glad you asked...

Cooperman says he hatched the plan when a neighbor at the exclusive St. Andrews Country Club in Boca Raton, Florida, asked the 72-year-old stock picker to attend a Clinton fundraiser.
"I said I would go under one condition -- I get to ask a question that's been disturbing me," the founder of Omega Advisors said in an interview. "Why does she feel the need to indiscriminately criticize wealthy people?"

What a scamp.

But in a tragic twist, Leon's plan was foiled by the electoral math of primary season:

Three days before her scheduled appearance, Clinton notified her supporters she was skipping Florida to focus on campaigning in Nevada. Her husband, former President Bill Clinton, took her place. In response, Cooperman asked via e-mail for a refund of his $1,000 check, according to a copy of the e-mail provided by the Clinton campaign.

Or was it?

Cooperman doesn't dispute that account, but said he had the impression that the campaign offered to refund the money after it figured out that he doesn't support Clinton and that he planned to confront her. 

She got away this time, but Hillary Clinton better stay woke. Leon Cooperman will not rest until he gets people to come around to the truth that rich people aren't some shadowy force of evil in American politics, and he will use his money to prove it!

Billionaire Cooperman Gave $1,000 to Confront Clinton on 'Class Hatred' [Bloomberg]



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