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Marco Rubio Pulls Ahead Of JEB! In All-Important Goldman Sachs Caucus

Goldman has slapped a big old "SELL" on poor old JEB!

While seemingly every member of the GOP is running around Iowa trying to grab last-minute votes and pretend that Trump never happened, things already look pretty wrapped up at the polls inside 200 West Street.

Marco Rubio took over from Bush as the preferred candidate of Goldman Sachs donors, who gave the Florida senator about $118,000 in the second half of 2015, almost twice what he got in the first six months. Even so, the sum wasn’t close to the more than $700,000 that bankers at the firm gave Bush and his fundraising groups in the first half of the year. Their contributions plunged in the second half to about $47,000.

As if JEB! didn't have enough to worry about, it appears that he just lost the Goldman Sachs primary to his second-most-hated opponent. And to make matters even worse, Goldman bankers seem to have adopted President Trump's refrain that JEB! is a "Low-energy looooooser."

Jeb Bush turned out to be such a bad investment for bankers at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. that the hundreds of thousands of dollars they threw at him has become a company joke. 

Oof, JEB!

And Bush's failure has really rankled some top GoldMen...

Bush’s Goldman Sachs donors have included some of the firm’s most powerful bankers. Eric Lane, Timothy J. O’Neill, David Solomon, Craig Broderick and Richard Friedman are all on the management committee. In the first half of last year, when things were looking better for the former Florida governor, Goldman Sachs employees sent his super PAC Right to Rise USA and his leadership PAC Right to Rise almost $600,000, far more than they contributed to any other candidate in either party.

But what really seems to have annoyed Goldman donors about JEB! is the failure of a blue blood candidate to behave like a blue chip stock

“It’s like buying a stock and watching it fall,” said Steven Shafran, a former Goldman Sachs partner who contributed to Bush’s super PAC and was a senior adviser at the Treasury Department to Hank Paulson, once the head of the bank.

Rather than be an irresistible candidate, Rubio appears to have stepped into the vacuum left by Bush's inert poll numbers and taken money from Goldmanite Republicans terrified of Trump's staying power. It's a pattern that is being seen literally everywhere else in the GOP primary.

One rather cute tidbit about the "Goldman Sachs Primary" is the seeming lack of interest in Texas Senator and Goldman spouse, Ted Cruz. While he has attracted lots of interest on the real campaign trail, he has failed to get large donations from his wife's employer... if you exclude the large low-interest margin loan that he got from Goldman a few years back to run for Senate and failed to report in campaign finance filings.

But we kind of all know that Goldman's favorite candidate of all is Hillary, so the Jebenfreude being felt at 200 West is just a chance for lefty Goldmanites to buy big...right?

Even Hillary Clinton, their preferred Democrat, is locked in a close race in the Midwest state with Bernie Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist who unveiled an ad last week decrying the firm’s political clout.

Oh man. This election has gotten so out-of-hand that even Goldman can't properly influence its outcome.

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