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Marissa Mayer's Newest Management Invention: "Layoff Wednesdays"

Nothing pumps up morale like a little midweek career Russian roulette.

The woman who brought us fresh management techniques like accidental firings, tortuous salvation planning, reading children's books to terrified employees, demanding notarized blood oaths from senior staffers and literally dressing up like Marie Antoinette during a crisis is at it again!

Get psyched Yahoo employees, cuz Marissa Mayer is ready to unveil her newest creation: "Layoff Wednesdays!"

Per re/code:

According to sources close to the situation, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has designated Wednesday as the day of the week to make massive cuts in staff that the company announced at its earnings call weeks ago. But, instead of just felling the ax at once, she has dragged the pain out in several weekly layoffs.

So, if you're at Yahoo right now and planning to make a "Humpday" joke to Brenda over in Media, you might want to reconsider because it's more than likely that Brenda just got sh!tcanned.

Mayer 4 Eva!

If It’s Wednesday, It’s Layoffs Day at Yahoo: Today, Digital Magazines Get Hit [re /code]


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