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Martin Shkreli Can't Shut Up About Shutting Up

Maybe M-Shkrels should make "Pleading The Fifth" into a lifestyle.

Between beefing with Ghostface Killah and giving ill-advised interviews to VICE, hedge fund manager turned pharma bro turned asshole performance artist, Martin Shkreli has managed to find himself a new lawyer to defend him from those federal fraud charges.

Per Bloomberg:

Former drug executive Martin Shkreli, who is under investigation for securities fraud and the subject of a congressional inquiry, has replaced his legal team with Benjamin Brafman, the same lawyer who helped get rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs acquitted of gun and bribery charges in 2001.

One can only imagine the douchetastic grin on Martin's face when he tells people that he has the same lawyer as Puff Daddy. But while Shkreli is almost certainly psyched to have Brafman, Brafman has more than his work cut out for him with Shkreli...

On Thursday, he is scheduled to appear before Congress for a hearing by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to discuss drug pricing. Shkreli said he plans to invoke his Fifth Amendment right not to testify.
“I would love to talk to Congress,” Shkreli said. “I would berate them. I would insult them.” He is scheduled to appear because of his role as former chief executive officer of Turing Pharmaceuticals AG, which acquired a decades-old drug called Daraprim and raised the price by more than 50-fold.

While we're no experts in Brafman's legal theory, we are pretty sure that he is not inclined to tell a client to "Yell at Congress like a total dipsh!t."

But maybe Martin will listen to his new counsel...

Shkreli said he plans to keep mum.

Ah, that's a good start...

“They can ask me any question. ‘What color is the sky?’ Fifth Amendment.”

Hey Martin? The best practice for saying nothing is to start shutting the f@ck up now.

Shkreli Says He Wishes He Could ‘Berate’, ‘Insult’ Congress [Bloomberg]



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