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Mary Pat Christie Finally Free To Return To Angelo Gordon

Like any good Springsteen ballad, Chris Christie is returning to New Jersey as a beaten man.

It's time for some traffic problems in Chris Christie's feelings...

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is huddling with top campaign aides on Wednesday and all indications are they expect him to formally suspend his bid for the Republican nomination, according to two sources. Details are still being worked out.
One source noted that the New Jersey governor is a "political realist" and understood that not qualifying to appear in Saturday's debate and the lack of money made it impossible to go forward.

So it is so long to everyone's favorite plump political pugilist. After basically throwing all his metaphorical eggs - and actual money - into the New Hampshire primary basket, Christie ended up in sixth place on Tuesday night, behind not only JEB! but the man he spent the last week going full political kamikaze on; Marco Rubio.

But while the handful of people who still wanted to vote for Chris Christie might be bummed, one person who might see the silver lining to all this is Christie's wife Mary Pat, who stepped down from her managing director role at Angelo Gordon in April in order to support her husband on the campaign trail. With Chris safely back to his job of terrorizing New Jersey, Mary Pat can now put the 2016 Republican Primary behind her and perhaps go do something fun by comparison; work as a female executive in private equity.

Sources: Indications point to Chris Christie suspending White House bid [CNN]


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