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Point72 Asset Management Doesn't Hire People Who Lie On Their Résumés: Point72 Asset Management

SAC Capital v2.0 shows liars the door.
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SAC Capital: Hired a guy who was expelled from Harvard Law School for making fake transcripts and sending them to 20+ judges at the United States Court of Appeals with whom he was attempting to secure a summer clerkship, later claiming that only his parents were supposed to get the doctored 'scripts. Point72 Asset Management: Will find out if you actually placed 6th and not 5th in a second grade regional spelling bee and tear up your C.V. on the spot, because they don't tolerate that kind of dishonesty here.

"One thing that — and this ties back to ethics and integrity — one of the things I observe more often than you might expect are candidates who are in one way or another, whether it's on their résumé, the application process, the initial interviews, are less than completely forthright. There's a gap in their résumé, there's a stumble academically, there's something in their background that they've tried to get cute with or finesse or cover over or be less than direct about." Butler said this is the quickest way to get screened out of the job-selection process at Point72.

A hedge fund HR boss says too many young people are making this error and destroying their chances at a job [BI]

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