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Report Wells Fargo Buying Credit Suisse's Investment Banking Operation Is News To Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo has no idea what you're talking about.
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Pour one out for the Wells Fargo Suisse that never was, and never will be.

“There’s no truth to this rumor,” Elise Wilkinson, a spokeswoman for San Francisco-based Wells Fargo, said in a phone interview. Hedge Fund Alert reported earlier Wednesday that the chief executive officers of the two firms had held talks about a deal that may involve Credit Suisse’s U.S. and European equities and fixed-income businesses, including its prime brokerage.

Wells Fargo Denies Report of Deal Talks With Credit Suisse [Bloomberg]


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Credit Suisse Seems To Have A Hot Summer Mess On Its Hands

An alleged incident of tipsy intern handling has seemingly led to a lot of bitter confusion about how Wall Street works.

Small-Time Crooks No Longer Welcome At Wells Fargo, Bank Of America

Richard Eggers knows what we're talking about. The former farm boy speaks deliberately, can’t remember the last time he got a speeding ticket, and favors suspenders, horn-rimmed glasses and plaid shirts. But the 68-year-old Vietnam veteran is still too risky for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, which fired him on July 12 from his $29,795-a-year job as a customer service representative. Egger’s crime? Putting a cardboard cutout of a dime in a washing machine in Carlisle on Feb. 2, 1963. “It was a stupid stunt and I’m not real proud of it, but to fire somebody for something like this after seven good years of employment is a dirty trick when you come right down to it,” said Eggers of Des Moines. “And they’re doing this kind of thing all across the country.” Big banks have been firing low-level employees like Eggers since the issuance of new federal banking employment guidelines in May 2011 and new mortgage employment guidelines in February. The tougher standards are meant to weed out executives and mid-level bank employees guilty of transactional crimes, like identity fraud or mortgage fraud, but they are being applied across-the-board thanks to $1-million-a day fines for noncompliance...Bank of America has embarked on a similar firing binge to shed any employee convicted of a criminal offense involving dishonesty, breach of trust or money laundering, employment attorneys say. Wells Fargo fires Des Moines worker for laundromat incident 49 years ago [DMR]