Confused CBS Programmers Mistakenly Air Super Bowl Ad From 2007

Tim Geithner gave Rocket Mortgage's Super Bowl spot two big "WTF?!?!"s.

While last night's anemic football game between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers fueled the rhetorical fire that Super Bowl TV ads are often better than the actual game, this year's broadcast partner CBS got very inventive and appeared to air a commercial conceived before the 2008 financial crisis.

The ad, from a unit of Quicken Loans called "Rocket Mortgage" posited the premise that increased home ownership would be a boon to the economy, and offered to serve a role in that bull market by getting people mortgages in a matter of minutes...all from the comfort of their own cell phones!

Here's the ad:

"So easy even a newborn can get a mortgage!" Awesome!

But some saw the ad as a strangely out-of-touch piece of marketing that appeared to ignore the mortgage crisis/massive recession by outlining a theory that - almost verbatim - led us into the aforementioned crisis/recession.

Others perhaps saw it as a revelatory piece of short filmmaking. A sci-fi storyline in which our recent history exists on an alternate timeline where the mortgage crisis never happened, but our technology - and appreciation of sofa craftsmanship - are even more advanced.

As an example, rumor has it that guests at Barney Frank's Super Bowl party were burned by Queso Fundido after the host viewed the ad and proceeded to rampage about the room in a blind rage turning over tables and smashing lamps against the wall.

Meanwhile, some guests at Angelo Mozilo's Super Bowl bash were reported to be a bit miffed after their host stopped airing the football game entirely and instead played the Rocket Mortgage ad on repeat for three hours, silently slow-clapping the entire time.