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Steve Cohen's Love For Chris Christie Knows No Ironic, Hypocritical Bounds

Brothers don't shake hands, brothers gotta hug (/momentarily put their vast Wall Street ties aside to attack their brother from another mother's rival for having...Wall Street ties).
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During the darkest hours of the government investigation into Cohen's firm-- when he could scarcely get off the couch and back-to-back episodes of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives couldn't even cheer him up-- Chris Christie called and delivered a pump up speech that got the hedge fund manager to put on a pair on a fresh shirt and have a li'l fun. So it probably shouldn't come as a complete shock that the big kahuna of hedge funds helped pay for an ad attacking a guy for his connections to Wall Street, on behalf of a guy whose g-string is stuffed with Wall Street cash (and whose wife, y'know, works in private equity).

One of Wall Street’s most controversial traders — a hedge fund kingpin whose firm paid a $1.8 billion fine three years ago after pleading guilty to violating insider-trading laws — is the main financier behind a pro-Chris Christie super-PAC attack ad deriding a GOP rival for his ties to Wall Street. The attack ad on Christie rival John Kasich, skewering the Ohio governor for once being a “Wall Street banker,” blanketed the airwaves in New Hampshire this morning. It’s part of a $6.9 million ad buy by America Leads, the main super-PAC backing Christie’s candidacy. “As a banker at Lehman Brothers — a Wall Street bank that failed — Kasich made millions while taxpayers were forced to bail out Wall Street,” the ad proclaims. “John Kasich. Washington insider. Wall Street banker.”

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