This Guy Got A $20 Million Mandate While You Were Tweeting About Donald Trump

Memo to Tepper, Dalio, Soros et al: social media is the place to be these days if you want to raise money for a hedge fund.

Get off Instagram and start proving you’re worth a damn.

Joshua Young started his hedge fund less than a year ago. Last month, he caught a break when a university endowment handed him $20 million, quintupling his assets under management….

Young, all of 32, had set up a profile on SumZero, a website that started out as a repository for buy-side research and has more recently morphed into a mashup of LinkedIn and where institutional investors can find up-and-coming fund managers and choose them based on the quality of their analysis. Using SumZero, Young bypassed an old-boy network that prizes relationships, credentials and word-of-mouth referrals.

Hedge Fund Manager Puts Profile on Social Media, Lures $20 Million [Bloomberg]