50 Cent In Court To Explain Why He Posed For Photos Surrounded By Stacks Of Cash While Claiming Bankruptcy

Everyone gather 'round!

Remember the time Curtis Jackson III, AKA 50 Cent, posted a series of photos to his public Instagram account wherein:

  • He laid on a bed strewn with stacks of cash
  • Stacks of cash surrounded milk, Kraft Singles, Effen Vodka, and a tub of margarine in his fridge
  • The word 'BROKE' was spelled out in, wait for it, stacks of cash?

...and the judge presiding over his bankruptcy case was like, "Ummm...WTF?" Mr. Cent is apparently in the process of explaining the juxtaposition of the stacks of cash and his alleged bankruptcy right now.

Rapper 50 Cent has arrived at a Connecticut courthouse to explain photos of him with piles of cash to the judge in his bankruptcy case...Nevins wants Jackson to explain several Instagram photos, including one of him next to piles of cash arranged to spell "broke." The U.S. trustee's office is asking Nevins to appoint an examiner to review the rapper's assets. Jackson says the stacks of cash aren't real and he isn't hiding any assets. Jackson filed for bankruptcy last year after a New York City jury ordered him to pay $7 million to a woman who said he posted her sex tape online.

50 Cent arrives in court to explain cash piles [WBT]

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