Layoffs Watch '16: AIG Making Big Cuts To "Get Carl Icahn Off Its Back"

Cuts are said to be going down in "waves."

We're also told the company has decided to ax voicemail as a cost-cutting measure, though to be fair, there can't be too many people who are upset to see that one go. From the front lines:

"AIG is doing large layoffs in waves. The packages people received were ridiculous, probably would be cheaper to keep them on the payroll. Cost cutting across the board on everything, consolidating offices, and reducing North East US footprint to pay out 25 billion to investors and get Carl Icahn can off its back. Layoffs included mostly upper management and people making too much money as status update specialists."


Layoffs Watch '12: UBS

Cuts are said to be going down circa now. "FYI: UBS is letting people go on the sales and trading desk today. At least three senior guys have been let go so far this morning, with more on the way."