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Bob Corker Would Have Been Better Off Just Starting His Own Hedge Fund

A better government group is still really curious about that all that money Bob Corker forgot to report.
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Sen. Bob's take on the matter.

Those filing errors that Sen. Bob Corker had to send to bed without any dessert a few months back are continuing their mischief, bringing to the attention of the Tennessee Republican's enemies the slightly inconvenient fact that those hedge funds the filing errors kept secret are also pretty committed to keeping Sen. Bob in office. Or, as the Campaign for Accountability calls it, a possible “crime.” Not that Sen. Bob is having any of that.

“This is yet another baseless accusation by this political special interest group. These claims are categorically false and nothing more than a smear campaign,” a Corker spokesman told The Hill.

If only Corker had just run his own hedge fund….

Group urges scrutiny of Sen. Bob Corker for hedge fund ties [The Hill]



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