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Bond Traders Have No Idea What The Fed Is Talking About

Are they taking crazy pills or is Janet Yellen?
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It doesn't make any sense!

Two-year notes rallied the most since October 2014 this week after central-bank policy makers cut their median projection for 2016 interest rates in half. The statement left traders seeking clarity about why, exactly, Fed officials lowered their estimates, after U.S. economic data strengthened in February even amid global market volatility. "We want to believe what we’re being told, in terms of the Fed’s data-dependent role,” said Guy Haselmann, head of capital-markets strategy in New York at Bank of Nova Scotia, one of 22 primary dealers that trade with the Fed. “We’re getting absolutely bamboozled because it’s as if the rules are changing."

The Fed Keeps Talking, and Bond Traders Just Get More Confused [Bloomberg]