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Bridgewater Integrity-Gate Just Painful Chapter For The History Books Now

Bridgewater's got a new CEO
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Everything's going to be OK, my little hyena cubs.

The bewildering case of Jensen v. Dalio has come to an end. The accusations have been sorted out, the trial is over, and now Greg Jensen gets what he always wanted when he threw the temper-tantrum that set this whole thing off in the first place: not to have to run Bridgewater Associates anymore. And after some rigorously honest soul-searching and analysis, they’ve found the perfect guy to do so alongside co-CEO and not-exactly-a-liar Eileen Murray and up-until-now-secret co-executive chairman Craig Mundie: Former Apple executive and co-iMac/iPod creator Jon Rubinstein. As an added bonus, the new co-CEO will also help Bridgewater build those Principled robots from which we definitely have nothing to fear.

“We have concluded that in order to have pervasive excellent management, we need CEOs who can give their full attention to the company’s management, and we want Greg to shift his full attentions to investment responsibilities,” the firm said in the letter. “Also, because technology is so important to us, we wanted one of our co-CEOs to be very strong in that area.”

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