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DNC Chairwoman Uses Odd Legislation To Pick Ill-Advised Fight With Elizabeth Warren

Hillary better get worried about this CFPBeef

One of Elizabeth Warren's favorite things in the world is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She created it, fought hard to make it a reality, and has protected it from enemies with her growing power in the Senate.

That said, the CFPB is still under attack from critics who deem it as another unnecessary piece of government hell-bent on fostering an anti-business, regulation-heavy environment.

Perhaps the only thing that the CFPB has done that has been met with even some wide approval is the work it has done going after payday lenders. Political cover is easy to come by when you're talking about usury fee structures preying on the poorest Americans.

So, if someone really wanted to metaphorically go over to Elizabeth Warren's house and piss on her lawn, that person would go after in the CFPB in general and its work with payday lenders in particular.

But, like, only a Tea Party radical would pull that kind of move...right?

Enter Democratic National Committee chairwoman and Florida congresswoman, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz...

Wasserman Schultz is co-sponsoring a new bill that would gut the CFPB's forthcoming payday loan regulations. She's also attempting to gin up Democratic support for the legislation on Capitol Hill, according to a memo obtained by The Huffington Post.

As Warren likely said upon hearing this news, "The f@ck?"

In fairness, Wasserman Schultz is not the first member of her party to voice opposition to these rules, but she is - party politics speaking - maybe the worst person to insert herself into the argument.

Throughout the Democratic primary, Wasserman Schultz has been criticized repeatedly as an unpaid Hillary campaign worker. Both Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley alleged publicly that she arranged the debates to favor Hillary's chances, and she has made little effort to pretend that she is not fully behind Hillary's candidacy.

By picking a fight with Warren, Wasserman Schultz has only made life harder for Hillary. Warren and her gang have not been particularly fond of Hillary's ties to Wall Street, and Bernie has inherited much of the Warrenista vote so far. For Hillary to thrive in a general election, she will need to reunify liberal voters who have come to almost loathe her whilst falling in love with Bernie's anti-Wall Street rhetoric. For Hillary to get them back, she will need Warren to come out big behind her.

That will not happen if Warren perceives Hillary to be so closely aligned with DWS, lining up a nice little Democratic soap opera to play out in the spring of an election year.

Maybe 2016 isn't so without tradition after all.

DNC Chair Joins GOP Attack On Elizabeth Warren's Agency [HuffPo]


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