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Barclays Analyst And World's Worst Roommate Isn't A Barclays Analyst Anymore

Declan Garrity and Barclays have parted ways.
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The British bank won't come right out and say that it's anti-cat torture, but that appears to be its stance.

A Barclays analyst who was arrested for allegedly torturing his New York roommate's cat is no longer employed by the bank — and also may face serious new criminal charges, CNBC has learned...Declan Garrity, a 24-year-old analyst, was placed on leave by Barclays in late February after his bust on animal torture and cruelty charges related to his alleged tormenting of a cat named Lucy. At the time of his arrest in Manhattan, the bank said it would conduct "a thorough investigation" of the native of Northern Ireland...On Wednesday evening, a Barclays spokesman, after being asked about Garrity's status at the bank, said, "Mr.Garrity is no longer with Barclays." "I can't comment on the reason for his departure," said the spokesman, who also declined to say when Garrity left the bank's employ.

Barclays analyst out on heels of cat torture arrest [CNBC]

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