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Bonus Watch '16: Deutsche Bank Finds A Way To Make Things A Tad More Terrible

You don't mind waiting 4 years for your money, right?
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Deutsche Bank employees, who are said to be receiving bonus news this week, are already bracing for historically bad numbers, in addition to tough love about the whole thing from CEO John Cryan. Now, they have one more thing to look forward to:

Deutsche Bank investment bankers earning bonuses of as much as EU500,000 ($546,000) will have to wait a year longer to receive their full bonus, people with knowledge of the plan told Bloomberg. Bank to defer ~75% of variable pay between EU200,000 to EU500,000 over a 4-year time period in equal portions. Previously, that portion was deferred over 3 years.

Deutsche Bank Said to Extend Deferral Period for Bonus Payments [Bloomberg]


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