Deutsche Bank Investment Banking Chief Would Make More Than CEO, If Deutsche Bank Wasn't Capping Executive Pay

Let's talk about "theoretical" pay.

As part of an attempt to cut costs, none of the top brass at Deutsche Bank will make anymore than 9.85 million euros this year, because the company has placed a cap on pay. But, like, what if it hadn't, man?

...a new disclosure shows corporate and investment bank head Jeff Urwin may be worth more compensation than co-Chief Executive Officer John Cryan. Urwin’s theoretical “maximum” pay under the bank’s formula is 13.2 million euros ($15 million), higher than Cryan’s 12.5 million euros by the same measure, the Frankfurt-based bank said in a statement Thursday. Neither will actually receive those amounts, as compensation for management board members is capped at 9.85 million euros for 2016.

As you were.

Deutsche Bank Says CIB Head Urwin May Be Worth More Than Cryan [Bloomberg]


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