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It Looks Like President Trump Just Learned That Heidi Cruz Used to Work At Goldman

Angry Donald Trump doesn't like his wife's picture being used to attack him so he lashes out at other guy's wife... Sad.

When Donald Trump saw this:

He likely blinked twice before this lizard brain assumed immediately that it was the direct work of the Cruz campaign.

So he tweeted this:

Well he first tweeted another version but deleted it, but the gist remained the same: I've got some delicious dirt on Heidi Cruz and I ain't afraid to use it.

But Ted Cruz is already a personally unlikeable, anti-government conservative populist using his evangelical base to outflank Trump the one way that seems to actually work on the Trump Train. The only thing about Heidi Cruz that could be alarming to undecided Cruz voters if she turned out to be a godless jezebel or worse yet, an investment banker.

Unfortunately for President Trump, everyone already knows that Heidi was/is the latter. And Trump has already alleged publicly that she played some shadowy role in helping her husband get his notorious campaign loan from Goldman back in 2012.

So what you really got, Donald?



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