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President Trump Starts Off Super Tuesday By Losing The New York Appellate Court Fraud Charge Primary

Looks like somebody is going to be multi-tasking the general election with defending himself from fraud charges.

Donald Jerome Trump might be hitting the campaign trail with Chris Christie in Ohio today, but his lawyers are back in the Big Apple getting some less than welcome news...

Donald Trump suffered a legal setback Tuesday when a New York State appeals court reinstated a fraud claim against Trump University in a lawsuit by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

Well that'll put a damper on hearing that you won the Vermont primary.

So it seems that the man promising to make the world bend to his will cannot get the New York State Attorney General to stop going after him on fraud charges related to his online "school."

The ruling by a four-judge panel in Manhattan means Trump University must now defend against two fraud claims in Schneiderman’s 2013 case. The restored fraud claim allows the attorney general to seek certain monetary penalties against the school.
Schneiderman sued Trump and Trump University in August 2013, alleging the school swindled students out of $40 million by operating an unlicensed educational institutional and misleading students by promising they would gain real estate investing expertise.

And it's not like Donald didn't try.

He even gave us a sneak peek at a future maneuver...

Probably because President Trump is such a proselytizing Christian.

And he even went so far as to have his son-in-law's paper do a bizarre hit piece on Schneiderman implying that the AG was enacting some sort of revenge fantasy on The Donald for not being his political ally.

But it also seems as if Trump lost the appeal despite being given the greatest advantage he can be given:

The court’s ruling did not address the facts of the case and focused solely on legal principles.

Because usually when one ignores the fact, Donald Trump wins hands down.

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