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When Elaine Wynn Is Done With Him, Steve's Gonna Be Nostalgic For The Days Of Getting Yelled At For Forgetting To Clean The Gutters

Be afraid, Steve Wynn. Be very afraid.
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In the grand scheme of life and the universe, there probably a number of things that are considered more awkward than marrying a woman, building a multi-billion dollar business with her, divorcing her after twenty-three years of marriage, marrying her again five years later, divorcing her again nine years after that, all the while serving alongside her on the board of your company, and then helping her get kicked off said board. But not, like, too many other things.

Wynn Resorts Ltd (WYNN.O) Chief Executive Steve Wynn's ex-wife Elaine Wynn has sued the billionaire casino mogul, accusing him of preventing her from exercising her rights as the company's stockholder and orchestrating her ouster from its board. Elaine, who owned 9.4 percent of Wynn Resorts' shares as of Feb. 18, has also named the company's general counsel, Kimmarie Sinatra, as a defendant in her complaint filed in the Nevada State Court. Elaine was ousted from Wynn Resorts' board in retaliation for "asking questions about the 'tone at the top,' the absence of appropriate internal controls, the withholding of information from the board and the reckless activity of the CEO and others in the company," she said in a statement on Monday. "This lawsuit is filled with lies and distortions and is an embarrassment to Ms. Wynn and her counsel," Steve Wynn said in a statement.

Wynn Resorts CEO's ex-wife sues for control of her shares in company [Reuters]


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