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Priest/Hedge Fund Manager, Who Credits God With Ability To "See Things Before They Happen," Presumably Didn't See Stock Manipulation Investigation Coming

Or maybe he did! God works in mysterious ways.
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By day, Emmanuel Lemelson is a priest with the Greek Orthodox Church, tending to a flock in Massachusetts. By night, he presides over Lemelson Capital, and maybe also spreads false rumors about companies he's shorting via internet comment boards, according to a report from Bloomberg:

While Lemelson’s Amvona Fund is a minnow in the $2.9 trillion hedge fund industry, he gained attention after the Wall Street Journal published a profile of him in October. The article said Lemelson managed about $20 million, had made millions of dollars for his investors and quoted him as saying, “my whole life I always knew things before they happened. I guess it’s just a gift from God.” [...] In the Lemelson investigation, the SEC is examining commentaries about companies including Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc., World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. and Skechers U.S.A. Inc., according to one of the people. A report published on the financial markets website Seeking Alpha in June 2014 under the pseudonym Amvona said Ligand was in imminent risk of declaring bankruptcy and that demand for one of its drugs, Promacta, was rapidly declining. Within minutes, Ligand shares fell more than 7 percent...The comments in the Seeking Alpha report on Ligand are attributed to Lemelson Capital, the name of Lemelson’s hedge-fund management company. The exact same report was also posted on Lemelson Capital’s website.

Update: According to a press release sent out by Lemelson Capital: "There is not now, nor has there ever been, any SEC or other regulatory investigation targeting our firm. Nor is there a basis for one. This is hugely irresponsible and libelous reporting based on non-governmental sources almost certainly seeking to advance some agenda unaffiliated with our firm or fund."

Hedge Fund Priest's Trades Probed by Wall Street Cop [Bloomberg]

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