Ex-Bank CEO Gets Worst Homecoming Ever

Fraud and forgery will do that to you.

So, no "welcome home" party, huh?

Former Anglo Irish Bank chief DavidDrumm will be enjoying his corned beef and cabbage* in a Dublin jail cell.

David Drumm, 49, who had been held in federal custody since U.S. officials arrested him at his Boston home in October, arrived in Dublin in the early hours of Monday morning after agreeing last month to return to his native Ireland….

Some of the offences carry a maximum sentence of 10 years, the court was told. Drumm, who denied any wrongdoing during the extradition proceedings, was granted bail of 150,000 euros ($165,000) on conditions including the surrender of his passport and that he appear twice daily at a local police station.

Ex-Anglo Irish CEO charged with fraud and forgery on return home [Reuters]

* Just kidding: No one in Ireland would ever eat that crap.