Forbes Confirms Ken Griffin Won His Divorce

The Citadel founder has preserved his status as the richest Illinoisian. John Paulson et al fared less well.

Might just buy the whole thing.

The bigspender’s coveted status as the World’s Wealthiest Illinoisan seemed in dire peril when he and the missus had their differences. Luckily for KG, the prenupheld up and he still lords over the Land of Lincoln. In fact, he’s a billion dollars richer than last year. Take that, Anne Dias not Griffin.

Ken’s colleagues? They didn’t do quite as well.

Volatile markets have hit many hedge funds hard since August of 2015, including some that are run by prominent billionaires. The net worth of William Ackman, for example, fell to $2 billion from $2.5 billion one year ago….

Einhorn’s net worth fell to $1.4 billion from $1.9 billion one year ago.

In absolute dollar terms, John Paulson lost more of his fortune last year than any other hedge fund manager. One year ago, Paulson’s net worth was estimated at $11.2 billion, but it has fallen to $9.7 billion. Leon Cooperman is another notable hedge fund manager who lost money in the last year. His net worth fell to $3.2 billion from $3.7 billion. Larry Robbins’ net worth dipped to $2 billion from $2.2 billion one year ago.

Also: Another FU for Prince Alwaleed, who didn’t lose any money last year, but also didn’t make any, according to Forbes. And that was good enough for an ego-burning seven-spot drop. And President Trump? Not quite half TEN BILLION DOLLARS.

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