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Google Fails To Google "Executive Compensation For 2015," Pays CEO $100 Million

That sound you hear is Wall Street groaning in unison.

2015 had a lot of fun themes: Trump, Kanye tweets, hoverboards, Zika virus. But on Wall Street, the most fun theme of 2015 was "No one is getting paid."

Apparently they didn't get the memo out in Silicon Valley.

[Google] Chief Executive Sundar Pichai’s pay hit $100.5 million his first year running the search giant, parent company Alphabet revealed in a regulatory filing on Tuesday.
Pinchai raked in $99.8 million in restricted stock that will be fully vested next year. He also received a salary of $652,500 and other compensation worth $22,935 in 2015, the filing shows.

Daaaaamn, Sundar... you rich as hell. Congrats!

And felicitations for not working on Wall Street. Right, Alphabet CFO and former Morgan Stanley CFO, Ruth Porat?

Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat received $31 million, including $25.1 million in restricted stock.

Not only did Ruth pull down way more than she would have at "Jim Gorman's House of Austerity," she did it without having to deal with Morgan Stanley's legion of suddenly furious junior bankers.

So, let's talk again about why Wall Street is having such a hard time getting millennials to work in finance and eschew the lure of Silicon Valley...

Google chief’s pay tops $100M in first year [NY Post]


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