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Hedge Fund Manager Presses Button, Sits Back, Lets Yen Roll In

This hedge fund manager lets his machines do the talking.
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It really is just that easy for Kyo Yamamoto.

GCI Systematic Macro Fund, a Japanese hedge fund that earned 19 percent in the first two months of the year after buying the nation’s sovereign notes, has been switching towards selling, said Yamamoto, the head of the quantitative research and strategy group at Tokyo-based GCI Asset Management. The fund’s return since inception in February 2014 is 173 percent, he said...“If you look at the market, what we’re seeing is just unbelievable, so to keep winning in this kind of environment based on judgment is tough,” Yamamoto said in an interview in Tokyo. “My way is follow the model and run based on its rules.”

Somebody get this guy and his Principled robot a job at Bridgewater.

This Hedge Fund Left Decisions to a Computer—and Made 19% [Bloomberg]



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