Hedge Fund Manager Willing To Sacrifice Neighbor’s Pool To Keep His House From Falling Into It

Tim Tacchi knows what we're talking about.

The one on the left could use some sprucing up, wouldn't you say?

Hedge fund managers need certain creature comforts if they’re to be at their best for clients. A panoramic view of Manhattan or the Atlantic Ocean, for one. A furnished, air-conditioned tunnel connecting the two sides of your property, perhaps. The ability to commute on foot from your beach house. Tax advantages. Revenge. A panic room or three. Handmade marquetry floors that would make Vladimir Putin burn with envy and a Hermès leather-upholstered billiards room. Occasionally, a place to park the Zamboni. Some peace and quiet.

As in the last example, occasionally these needs lead to some friction with the neighbors. And so it is in Holland Park, London, where two hedge-fund managers are having a bit of a row. VR Capital’s Richard Deitz would like to add a pool, gym, sauna and steam room to his place. TT International’s Tim Tacchi lives in an identical house next door and wouldn’t change a thing. Notably, he’s not interested in adding some atmospheric cracks to his walls so Deitz can have a shvitz.

“Our own assessments indicate that the movements generated will cause cracking of up to 5mm in Mr and Mrs Tacchi’s home in Holland Park.

“The same damage can be anticipated to the Greek Embassy on the opposite side. Smaller cracks would be anticipated in the next adjoining properties adjacent.

"Such a level of damage to a listed building is totally unacceptable, as are the potential financial implications for our clients and the Greek Embassy.”

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