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Ever The Iconoclast, Peter Thiel Is Actually Raising Money

Unicorns in need of horns, rejoice! Uncle Pete is BACK!

He's sh!t on the idea of a college education, he's told you to your face that the notion of currency has no place in the future of global finance, and he's basically told everyone he meets that they are essentially wrong somehow.

But now, in the "dark days" that are 2016, this Silicon Valley venture capital legend is doing the craziest thing he has ever done... Peter Thiel is launching a new fund.

Peter Thiel has raised yet another billion-dollar tech fund.
The Silicon Valley maverick — an early Facebook investor who has since made big bets on marijuana, cancer research and space travel — will launch his venture firm’s sixth fund as soon as this week, The Post has learned.
Thiel’s decade-old Founders Fund has secured commitments of more than $1 billion for its latest fund — about equal in size to the San Francisco-based firm’s fifth fund that was launched in 2014, sources said.

So hang in there, tech entrepreneurs. Uncle Pete is about to write some CHECKS!

Tech billionaire Peter Thiel raises $1B to plow into startups [NYPost]


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