Jack Welch Has A Crazy Idea Of What "Craziest" Means

Welcome to the suck, Grandpa Jack!

In the last few months alone, Donald Trump has said that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and be elected president, claimed that he did not know that white supremacism is, talked about shooting muslims with bullets dipped in pigs blood, referred to his dick size in a presidential debate, picked a fight with The Pope and tweeted a Mussolini quote.

So when Jack Welch sat down with CNBC this morning to talk about the GOP primary and his homeboy Ted Cruz, he had a surfeit of choices for "Craziest Trump Comment."

Take it away, Jackie Boy!

"The craziest thing that ever comes out of Donald Trump's mouth is 'lying Ted,'" Welch said, referring to Trump's refrains in debates and on the campaign trial

Naaaaaailed it.

Jack Welch: This is craziest thing Trump says [CNBC]