Jeffrey Gundlach Already Has A President Trump Investment Strategy

Where others see American apocalypse, J-Gunds sees market upside.

While everyone else in finance is apparently starting to panic at the mere idea of a Trump administration, everyone's chosen "Bond God" is getting ready to park his money for the most luxurious and classy presidency that America has ever seen...

Jeffrey Gundlach, the co-founder and CEO of bond investing and trading powerhouse DoubleLine Capital, said that Trump has a history of being ”comfortable with a lot of debt and leverage," and that won't impede him from spending heavily. He said he believes Trump’s pledge to spend heavily on the military makes defense stocks a good investment play.

You've gotta like J-Gunds thinking. Trump likes to spend and his personality will make defense a very necessary cost center. But that's just the advice he is willing to give, we'd love to get his real thoughts on Mexican Munis when the next president builds his glorious wall.

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