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Jimmy Cayne, Embroiled In Bridge Scandal, Takes No Prisoners

You're off the team!
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You thought you were going to come into Jimmy Cayne's house and taint the one thing, other than weed, that he truly cares about? You thought wrong!

...the elite level remains under fire. The Polish pair of Cezary Balicki and Adam Zmudzinski had their invitation to the 2015 Bermuda Bowl withdrawn as accusations of cheating swirled. Fisher and Schwartz are in the midst of appealing their IBF-issued suspension, while investigations continue in the Fantoni-Nunes case. Even if they're all cleared, the appearance of suspicious behavior could be enough to harm their careers: Cayne has already kicked the Israeli pair off his team, and it's likely that other pros won't want to team up with players widely accused of cheating.

Listen here and listen good: it's one thing to destroy a 95 year-old institution from the inside but it is quite another to cheat at bridge, especially when you're trading on Cayne's name. Anyone future teammates would be wise to watch themselves.

Tricks, Tics and Taps: The Cheating Scandal Rocking Professional Bridge [Rolling Stone]

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Only Legacy That Former Bear Stearns Chief Cares About-- His Bridge Playing Legacy-- In Peril

Jimmy Cayne is devastated at the thought of having one of his bridge trophies taken away amid scandal.

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Jimmy Cayne Never Wanted To Be A Bank CEO Anyway

He’d much rather be bidding and tricking his way through the deck, and so he is.