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JP Morgan Shows 5 Employees The Door For Sports Betting On The Clock

Turns out gambling at the office is not a great idea.
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Thinking of engaging in a little sports betting with your colleagues at your place of business/leaving evidence of said sports betting on property owned by that business? A bunch of JP Morgan employees, who were recently doing just that before they got fired, might caution you to think again! We're told beginning last month, the bank learned that a handful of employees-- at VP and associate levels and in mostly operational roles-- were engaged in a gambling scheme, initially uncovered because one of the people involved "kept a file with notes on his computer about wagers with names/amounts, etc...then the bank started reviewing transactions between employees using Chase accounts."

According to one person, "One day we were all separately told to leave and go to Brooklyn. In Brooklyn they...interrogated me and made me provide a written statement. Everyone apparently had a similar experience. Their investigation was very thorough; the way they put the pieces together was unreal. It was like CSI."

We're told that "people were winning/losing upwards of $10k each week individually-- not everyone, but it wasn't peanuts," and that an attempt to convince the bank "it was for Super Bowl squares" wasn't bought, since the numbers were so large. The betting had been going on for at least six months to one year. JP Morgan declined to comment.

Let this be an obvious lesson to you all!


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