Kid Hedgies Wanna Grow Up To Be Just Like Carl Icahn, Bill Ackman

Bill and Carl: The Next Generation.

Unfortunately, in light of the formerly feuding patriarchs’ recentperformance, they are succeeding all too well.

Research firm Activist Insight says that “first time” activists—investors, typically hedge fund managers, who take on management teams often pushing for executive changes, mergers, or increased share buybacks—were at least partially successful in 64% of their campaigns last year, versus the 69% success rate for the entire group. Less experienced hedge fund managers are also growing bunch, accounting for more than half of the campaigns in 2015, the research firm says...In total, the number of corporate agitators grew a third to 213 investors last year, according to Activist Insight. Of those, 54% are what the group defined as “occasional activists,” or those that infrequently engage management teams, up from 44% in 2014. First-timers took up nearly a quarter of the total.

Here Come the Baby Bill Ackmans and Carl Icahns [Fortune]