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Singing Treasury Secretary Offers Some Pointers To Non-Singing Treasury Secretary

Jack Lew is not throwing away his shot.
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A thing that actually happened.

Lin-Manuel Miranda spent some of his rare downtime yesterday morning lending a hand to some folks with arguably easier jobs: Congress and Jack Lew.

On Puerto Rico he said, in effect, “do your jobs,” something the folks on the Hill are likely to be hearing a lot of in the coming months.

“It’s a solvable, fixable crisis,” Mr. Miranda said after his meetings with lawmakers. “We have a humanitarian crisis on our hands….”

Mr. Miranda also tried to lend a face to the fiscal drama, relaying stories about spending his summers in Puerto Rico and how his father came to the U.S. mainland to get his education, “just like Hamilton,” who migrated to the American colonies from the British West Indies.

As for his chat with his subject’s successor, details weren’t forthcoming. But, you know, read between the lines:

In addition to securing legislation to help Puerto Rico, Mr. Lew has also been trying to figure out what to do with the portrait of Mr. Hamilton after announcing last summer that he would put a woman on the $10 bill….

At that meeting, Mr. Lew reiterated his commitment to honor Mr. Hamilton on the $10 bill, according to a Treasury spokeswoman.

And Miranda still made it back to NYC for a Tuesday evening performance.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Broadway’s ‘Hamilton,’ Helps Out the Modern Treasury Secretary [WSJ]


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