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Hedge Fund Manager Claims Bahamas Neighbor Upped Harassment From 'Smear Campaign' To 'Murder Plot'

Louis Bacon v Peter Nygard, round who-the-hell-knows.
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When we last checked in with the neighbor dispute to end all neighbor disputes, i.e. the one between hedge fund manager Louis Bacon and Canadian clothing magnate Peter Nygard, wherein Bacon has accused Nygard of breaking laws and paying off the Bahamian government, and Nygard has countered that Bacon has ties to the KKK and once tried to break his will by positioning "military-loudspeakers" in the direction of Nygard's estate and blasting them all night long, Nygard had made the bold claim that Bacon had most likely told his gardener to burn down Nygard's house, and then killed the guy to shut him up about it. To which Bacon has lobbed back:

The suit—which reads like a pulp crime novel—alleges that Nygard, a Canadian who lords over a low-cost clothing empire, has orchestrated a campaign of terror and physical violence against Bacon and allies Frederick Roy Smith, Joseph Darville, Romauld Ferreira and C.B. Moss. Among the claims—physical attacks, firebombing cars, home and office break-ins, vandalism, and paying people to throw anti-Bacon rallies that claimed he was a racist, a murderer, and stock crook. The most severe claim: that Nygard held talks with two men—Livingston “Bobo” Bullard and Wisler “Toggi” Davilma–about killing Bacon and co-plaintiff Frederick Smith.

Hedge Fund Billionaire Louis Bacon Says Clothing Mogul Peter Nygard Plotted Murder Over Beach House [Forbes]

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