Marc Faber Would Choose The Trump Nightmare Over The Hillary Apocalypse

Nice to see that Marc Faber is still mincing his words.
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It's been awhile since we here at Dealbreaker dot com have heard from our old friend Marc Faber.

But what with a presidential election going on, we could not resist when we heard that the man who likened Barack Obama to a prostitute would be appearing on Bloomberg TV today in an interview with Mark Barton. Luckily, as is his wont, Marc did not disappoint...

FABER: Well, Singapore is a relatively sound economy. It's diversified and it's well run, unlike the U.S., unless, of course, the U.S. is run by Mr. Trump. Then the U.S. will improve.

BARTON: Are you really a fan of Mr. Trump, Marc? Do you really believe -- ?

FABER: It is all relative. Given the alternatives, I would vote for Mr. Trump, because he may only destroy the U.S. economy, but Hillary Clinton will destroy the whole world.

BARTON: Why will Hillary Clinton destroy the whole world? What's the evidence? (laughter)

FABER: Look. Look at her nation building in the Middle East, how successful that has been.

Welcome back to the fray, Mr. Gloom Doom and Boom.

Faber: I'd Vote for Trump Because 'Hillary Clinton Will Destroy the Whole World' [Bloomberg]