Activist Investors Can Pry Marissa Mayer's Job From Her Cold, Dead Hands

Evita Mayer has not yet begun to fight!

If you were laboring under the assumption that Marissa Mayer was feeling a little done being the embattled chief executive of a dying tech giant, then you are sorely mistaken.

We've talked about this a few times, but just to recap; Mayer is trying to save Yahoo by extricating its actual business from its hugely valuable stake in Alibaba and selling what's left over. But what's left over is a bit of a mess and Mayer's leadership at time has bordered on the comically bad.

But the plan to save Yahoo has still not started to even get started and activist investors are sitting on a tanking stock and sharpening their knives while glaring at Marissa.

However Mayer is not just ready to go down with the ship, she's openly campaigning to be CEO of the shipwreck.

Per Bloomberg:

“I certainly hope the strategic alternative has a place for me,” she said. “But that said, we’ll obviously honor our commitments to our shareholders.”
Mayer is considering strategic options for the company even as she tries to drive a turnaround with a new plan for sparking growth. Activist investor Starboard Value LP, which has been critical of her efforts to restore growth and boost shareholder returns, has taken initial steps for a potential proxy fight that could recast the board with new directors, people familiar with the matter said last month.
“The primary issue is Yahoo, our technology, the employees, the services, the end-users --- how do we get that to the best possible place for Yahoo and find it the best possible future,” she said. “I’m secondary to that.”

And if Marissa takes the thing private, she can have all of the "Layoff Wednesdays" and "Marie Antoinette Parties" she wants without anyone looking over her shoulder at the annoying stock price.


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