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$81M For Aiding $3.65B Ponzi Scheme Sounds About Right To Appeals Court

Marlon Quan knows what we're talking about.
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Bright side: No orange jumpsuit.

Hedge fund manager Marlon Quan is going to have to work on his arguments if he wants to keep the ill-gotten $81 million he earned sending money on a few scenic round-trips to help his buddy Tom Petters out.

Marlon Quan concealed evidence of the Petters fraud, partly by engaging in $187 million in “round-trip” transactions, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission said in its lawsuit against him….

“Quan utterly fails to dissuade us from affirming the disgorgement award the district court ordered,” according to the three-judge panel.

Hedge Fund Manager Ordered to Pay $81 Million in Ponzi Case [Bloomberg]


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