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Narcissistic Business Professors Love Narcissistic Business Students: Study

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Are you studying business? Do you think you're awesome? Do you look at pictures of yourself and say, "Who is that beautiful specimen of a man"? Do you regularly mutter, "You're damn right I'd f*ck me" under your breath? Do you love yourself some you? Then pro-tip: find a professor who's as into him/herself as you are into that adonis smiling back at you in the mirror.

Westerman and his colleagues recently published their results in The International Journal of Management Education. Their latest study, of 267 undergraduate business students and nine professors at a U.S. university, found that “narcissism fit,” or how well a student’s level of narcissism matched his or her professor’s, was significantly related to the student’s final grade in the class. Students who were as narcissistic as their professors got higher grades than students who were either more or less narcissistic than their professors — and this effect seemed to be partially driven by students’ perceptions of class difficulty and professor status.

Narcissistic Students Get Better Grades from Narcissistic Professors [HBR]


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